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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather sessions will be held from Monday, May 13, through Wednesday, May 15, 2024 in Hall E, Hall F and Hall G1 (all on second floor).

ISC 2024 is planned as an in-person conference. The BoF organizer must be present at the venue in Hamburg, Germany. For unforeseen circumstances that would prevent the organizer from traveling, the organizer is responsible for finding an alternative presenter.

BoFs will not be streamed or recorded to ensure an informal atmosphere is maintained.


Session information

Each BoF session is scheduled for 60 minutes. You are asked to stick to the schedule and allow the next BoF session to start on time.

Please refer to the conference schedule to determine your personal presentation slot.

Please ensure an interactive format and follow our tips on how to structure and run a successful BoF:

  • Stick to the objective of the BoF as outlined in the accepted title and abstract. Combine short presentations/updates, community discussions, and question-and-answer slots
  • Constantly encourage discussions and other forms of participation – encourage attendees to mention their names and institutions/universities/companies.
  • Guide discussions if they lose focus but also prepare targeted questions in advance to keep moving the BoF on track
BoF Schedule

Submission process and deadlines

Please use the Linklings submission platform to upload the next stages.

Stage 2 - Final list of speakers: April 19, 2024

Stage 3 - Final presentation slides: May 11, 2024, 5:00 pm CEST (optional stage via Linklings)

Please read the presentation material requirements below.

If you missed the deadline, please upload your slides in the speakers' room (Hall D, second floor) no later than 60 minutes before your session starts. The technicians will transfer it to the presentation computer in the conference room where the session takes place.

Presentation materials

All materials submitted will be available to registered conference participants within the event platform Swapcard.

Please feel free to use the ISC title slide or background in your presentation materials.

Your presentation has to be in the 16:9 format and should be saved in PowerPoint 2019 (or lower), LibreOffice or PDF.

If you would like to use your fonts in the presentation, please hand them on a USB stick to the technician in the presentation room. You remain the owner of the font. The fonts will be deleted after your presentation.

Videos must be embedded in the PPT file. Please do not link to a separate video file. Most modern video formats are supported, for example all standards (.wmv, .mpg, *.avi), that can be played from standard MS Windows 10 installed computers with Windows Media Player. Additionally, MOV, DivX, MPEG-4 und H.264 video formats can be played, too.

Macintosh users are requested to bring an already converted version of their presentation.


BoF presenters will require at least an Exhibition Pass.

Technical equipment

The conference rooms include a projector, a screen, microphones, a presentation computer (with MS Office, LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Firefox), Wi-Fi and wired Internet access.

For technical and efficiency reasons, we kindly ask you to use the presentation computer provided in the room.

If you need to present from your own laptop and/or have any special technical requirements for your presentation, please let us know by Friday, April 15, 2024 at the latest. Macintosh users are asked to bring their own HDMI adapters.

Feedback / Surveys

We will collect attendee feedback on each BoF session within their page on Swapcard (the “Rate this BoF” button will take the attendee to the survey.) Please remind the attendees to rate your BoF. The more often you remind them, the likelier they will rank your presentation.

Our feedback slide with a QR code can be included in your presentation.