Reinventing HPC

Topic Areas

The topic areas covered at ISC 2024 will address the direction our community should take. Over 3,000 attendees will benefit from discussions on timely topics such as HPC, machine learning, and quantum computing.


System Architecture & Hardware Components
    • Beyond Moore's Law
    • Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure
    • Data Center Infrastructure and Cooling
    • Emerging Computing Technologies
    • Extreme-scale Systems
    • Heterogeneous System Architectures
    • Interconnects and Networks
    • Memory Technologies and Hierarchies
    • Storage Technologies and Architectures
    • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
Programming Environments & System Software
    • Compiler and Tools for Parallel Programming
    • Domain-specific Languages and Code Generation
    • Energy Management
    • HPC in the Cloud and HPC Containers
    • Parallel File Systems
    • Parallel Programming Languages
    • Resource Management and Scheduling
    • Robustness and Resilience
    • Runtime Systems for HPC
    • Scalable Application Frameworks
    • System and Performance Monitoring
Algorithms, Methods & Tuning
    • Extreme-scale Algorithms
    • Mixed Precision
    • Novel Algorithms
    • Numerical Libraries
    • Optimizing for Energy and Performance
    • Performance and Resource Modeling
    • Performance Measurement
    • Performance Tools and Simulators
Applications & Use Cases
    • Application Workflows for Discovery
    • Bioinformatics and Life Sciences
    • Chemistry and Materials Science
    • Computational Physics
    • Earth, Climate and Weather Modeling
    • Engineering
    • Geosciences
    • Industrial Use Cases of HPC, ML and QC
    • Visualization and Virtual Reality
Machine Learning & AI
    • AI Applications powered by HPC Technologies
    • Digital Twins and ML
    • High-Performance Data Analytics
    • HPC Simulations enhanced by Machine Learning
    • HPC System Design for Scalable Machine Learning
    • Large Language Models and Generative AI in HPC
    • ML Systems and Tools
Quantum Computing
    • Integration of Quantum Computing and HPC
    • Quantum Computing - Basics and Theory
    • Quantum Computing - Technologies and Architectures
    • Quantum Computing - Use Cases
    • Quantum Program Development and Optimization
    • Quantum-inspired Algorithms and Technologies
Community & HPC
    • Community Engagement
    • Development of HPC Skills
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Education and Training
    • Promotion of Young Talents

Community & HPC efforts at ISC 2024 are further strengthened through the collaboration with our diversity and inclusion partner, Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC).

Women in HPC

WHPC was created with the vision to encourage women and those in underrepresented groups to participate in the HPC community by providing fellowship, education, and support to these individuals and the organisations that employ them.

Through collaboration and networking, WHPC strives to bring together a diverse and equitable community in HPC and technical computing while encouraging women and those in underrepresented groups to engage in outreach activities and improve the visibility of inspirational role models.