Reinventing HPC

Project Poster Submission

The ISC project poster session is a great chance to showcase your research ideas and projects. ISC stands out as the leading HPC event in Europe, promoting the exchange of ongoing and future research work, facilitating discussions within the community, and fostering international cooperation.

We initiated the project poster session to provide researchers with a platform for exchanging information. Attendees can use the project posters to gain an overview of new developments, HPC research, and engineering activities.

Please note: the Call for Project Poster is closed!

ISC 2024 Project Poster Chair Antonino Tumeo

Project Poster Chair
Antonino Tumeo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Project Poster Deputy Chair
José Moreira, IBM, USA

In contrast to the research poster session, where research results are disseminated, the project poster session allows presenters to share ongoing and emerging projects by showcasing fundamental ideas, methodology, and preliminary work.

We encourage researchers with upcoming and recently funded projects to submit a poster of their work and those with novel project ideas to present as well.

Information for speakers: Please look at our Speaker Manual, which provides guidance and information in preparing and delivering your upcoming presentation at ISC 2024.


 Submission Deadline closed
 Notification of Acceptance
Thursday, February 15, 202
 Final Poster due
Monday, April 22, 2024 11:59 pm AoE
 Poster Reception Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 3:30-5:30 pm
 Project Poster on Display Monday, May 13 - Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Project Poster Presenters will require at least an Exhibition Pass.

ISC 2024 registration fees will be published in early 2024.


ISC 2024 Call for Project Poster


Project posters are intended to cover all topic areas as follows:

System Architecture & Hardware Components

  • Emerging Computing Technologies
  • Memory Technologies and Hierarchies
  • Storage Technologies and Architectures
  • Interconnects and Networks
  • Heterogeneous System Architectures
  • Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure
  • Extreme-scale Systems
  • Beyond Moore's Law
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  • Data Center Infrastructure and Cooling

Programming Environments & System Software

  • Parallel Programming Languages
  • Compiler and Tools for Parallel Programming
  • Scalable Application Frameworks
  • Resource Management and Scheduling
  • Parallel file systems
  • HPC in the cloud and HPC containers
  • Runtime systems for HPC
  • Robustness and Resilience
  • Energy Management
  • Domain-specific languages and code generation
  • System and Performance Monitoring

Algorithms, Methods & Tuning

  • Performance and Resource Modeling
  • Novel algorithms
  • Numerical Libraries
  • Mixed Precision
  • Optimizing for Energy and Performance
  • Performance Measurement
  • Extreme-scale algorithms
  • Performance Tools and Simulators

Applications & Use Cases

  • Earth, Climate and Weather Modeling
  • Bioinformatics and Life Sciences
  • Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Engineering
  • Application Workflows for Discovery
  • Industrial Use Cases of HPC, ML and QC
  • Visualization and Virtual Reality
  • Geosciences
  • Computational Physics

Machine Learning & AI

  • AI Applications powered by HPC Technologies
  • HPC Simulations enhanced by Machine Learning
  • ML Systems and Tools
  • HPC system design for scalable machine learning
  • Digital Twins and ML
  • High-Performance Data Analytics
  • Large Language Models and Generative AI in HPC

Quantum Computing

  • Quantum Computing - Basics and Theory
  • Quantum Program Development and Optimization
  • Integration of Quantum Computing and HPC
  • Quantum Computing - Technologies and Architectures
  • Quantum Computing Use Cases
  • Quantum-inspired algorithms and technologies



Submitted project poster proposals will be reviewed by the ISC 2024 Project Poster Committee.

Required Information

  • Poster title
  • Poster author information
  • Short poster abstract (250 words maximum)
  • Topic area:
    • System Architecture & Hardware Components
    • Programming Environments & System Software
    • Algorithms, Methods & Tuning
    • Applications & Use Cases
    • Machine Learning & AI
    • Quantum Computing
  • Draft of the poster as PDF file.
    • The poster does not need to be in its final version. You may make changes to your poster after acceptance, but your submission must be a representative draft of the final poster.
    • 1 page maximum
    • Posters must be submitted as A0 portrait paper size (841 mm x 1189 mm/33.1” x 46.8”) with a high resolution to ensure readability (e.g.: 2384 px × 3370 px at 72 dpi)
    • maximum file size: 10 MB
  • Runtime of the project
  • Participating partners
  • Funding source
  • As a guideline for the content, the following information is required:
    • List of partners
    • Pursued approach and methodology
    • Current status of the project
    • Excerpt of intermediate/preliminary results
    • Roadmap, in particular the next steps


  • Light-weight review to give many people the chance to present ideas and projects
  • Criteria: required information filled, quality of the presentation and relevance for attendees (see guidelines above)
  • Committee feedback to improve submissions
  • Supported by shepherding to ensure high-quality posters

Final Decision (February 15, 2024)

  • Selection of Project Poster
  • Notification of authors



  • ISC 2024 is planned as an in-person conference from May 12 to May 16, 2024 in Hamburg, Germany. By submitting a project poster, the submitter agrees that one of the authors will present it at ISC 2024 in Hamburg, Germany. In case circumstances that the submitter/speaker cannot control prevent them from attending the event, the submitter/speaker should contact ISC organizers and the project poster chair as soon as possible to discuss different options.
  • The project posters will be on display from Monday, May 13 through Wednesday, May 15, 2024.
  • The ISC poster reception will give special attention to the Project Posters and allows a maximum of interaction between poster authors and participants. Poster authors are obliged to be present at their poster during the entire reception.
  • Poster presenters need to be registered ISC 2024 participants. Registration fees will be published in early 2024.
  • Travel, accommodation, registration fees for other authors, and other such expenses will not be covered by the ISC organizers.

PDFs of the posters will be available within the event platform for registered attendees only.

  • Antonino Tumeo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States of America (Chair)
  • José Moreira, IBM, United States of America (Deputy Chair)
  • Marco Aldinucci, University of Torino, Italy
  • Andrea Bartolini, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Sanjukta Bhowmick, University of North Texas, United States of America
  • Are Magnus Bruaset, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
  • Anastasiia Butko, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, United States of America
  • Vito Giovanni Castellana, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States of America
  • Theodoros Christoudias, The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus
  • Guojing Cong, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States of America
  • Javier Garcia-Blas, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
  • Francesc Lordan Gomis, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
  • Maciej Malawski, AGH University of Krakow, Sano Centre for Computational Medicine, Poland
  • Stefano Markidis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden
  • Miquel Moreto, UPC, BSC, Spain
  • Kengo Nakajima, University of Tokyo, Supercomputing Research Division, Information Technology Center; RIKEN R-CCS (Center for Computational Science), Japan
  • Bogdan Nicolae, Argonne National Laboratory, United States of America
  • Sara Royuela, BSC, Spain
  • Carsten Trinitis, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Josef Weidendorfer, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, Germany